An Alternative Future Peckham

No to bland miniature honey coloured “affordable units”,
Yes to the Pungent Stench of fish and meat down rye lane, No to rubbish chain stores and supermarkets the size of international airports. Yes to art, to design, to theatre, to poetry, to dance to music give in to bakkheia!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. No Future
    Any future that is decided upon by people who are not trusted and live elsewhere is a futile and regrettable one.

    The future of Peckham? It involves a wry smile, a spray can and a shopping trolley.

  2. Nation of Shopkeepers
    2nd – 27th august 2011

    Garudio Studiage invite you to cut and collage your own fantasy shop for Rye Lane.
    Guest artists include Tatty Devine, Coralie Bickford-Smith, Andrew Rae and Hannah Waldron.
    All sales and donations help fund Peckham Space art workshops for local young people.

    it’s FREE!

  3. Nice blog just came across it by accident 🙂
    you may want to check this out Look AtThe [E]state We’er In symposium for your blog and drop in when its on (28th & 29th May) all around Peckham. It will be discussing art in the community and community art and that old spectre of gentrification that seems to be lurking all over London right now.
    Will be some interesting talks and films amongst other things including an exhibition.
    fb https://www.facebook.com/pages/L-A-T-E-W-I-The-Great-Estate-Debate/1534690816802571?fref=ts

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