Save Area 10

Southwark council are set to pull the plug on Area 10, the arts venue and former whitten timber warehouse behind Peckham Library at Eagle Wharf. I wrote about the plans circulating regarding the site for the past eight years or so in an earlier posting. We’re all aware of the current economic climate, but Southwark must not revert to type and dispose of important arts venues to fool themselves into thinking they’re saving/raising money. If I were to pop my cynics hat on I could suggest this is an inevitable part of “gentrification” as written about earlier on this blog, but it needn’t be. One can probably trace the thinking (warped in my view) of the council, with the Peckham Space a few meters away now open and the extension of the South London Gallery also now open and not to mention the plethora of galleries and studios popping up in and around Peckham, the council thought this an obvious and easy target. They must remember before Hannah Barry, The Bun House, Sunday painter, Peckham Space et al there was Area 10. The opening of recent spaces and galleries as a reason to shut down area 10 is rather like because of the emergence of Tate Modern a decade ago, It would have been ok to shut down the National Gallery! or because the national theatre moved into a purpose built space in the 1970’s it’s ok to shut down the old Vic. Area 10 serves a complimentary but different role to the likes of the Sassoon gallery and communities in the Bussey building. As a multi-disciplinary performance space it is head and shoulders above what else is available. Quite simply it is the sine qua non of the Peckham arts scene, sign the petition and inform Southwark of their mistake in trying to close it down.

Area 10
Area 10


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