peck-revHaving missed the boat on the official, and I’m sure wholly democratic and meticulously observed Southwark council public consultation on the future of Peckham, which no doubt gave short shrift to “developers” with a panache for bland “honey coloured brick” architecture and a Lilliputian sense of scale, I have dear friends, companions! Decided to publish my own master future Peckham plan! How am I qualified to comment upon and implement such a project I hear you cry? Well I’ve not spoken to the locals nor do I indent to, with the exception of the scantily clad young ladies in the summer months. I am local and do speak to myself but I’m sure that conjures up all manner of inappropriate connotations not relevant to the topic at hand. I do not intend to advocate for an “ethnic Disneyland” by constantly mentioning how “diverse” Peckham is. Nor do I intend this to be base camp for “it weren’t like that back in the day”, we’re the majority not minority “protest voting” BNP persons (did I mention I’m ethnically diverse?) This is not, finally “ain’t it cool! Peckham is the new Hoxton blah blah or Bellenden road the only “middle class” road in Peckham fun club. This is my two bobs worth of quite probably useless web infomercial on an Alternative Future Peckham, which may go viral if those symptoms of pig flu I’ve been displaying recently progress in a meaningful fashion. To paraphrase Henry’s cat, I know everything about nothing, and not too much about that.


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